Shortly after it was announced that Marvel was making a solo Black Widow, it was reported that the story would be set two years before the events of Iron Man. The franchise never invested in giving Black Widow a compelling act of her own, and her character came across as a half-baked Evelyn Salt. However, it sounds like Black Widow's shoot in the c… Read More

Vlogging is one of the most rapidly growing social media outreach mechanisms. For quality results from any camera, the basics of photography still apply no matter how an image is captured. The Sony Alpha A7 III is among the best mirrorless cameras for professionals on the market. You can pair the G7 with a mic and a tripod and still have a portable… Read More

We actually attempt you not to laugh at these humorous minutes caught by individuals just like you. We scour the web looking for humorous videos to make you laugh. We believe that everybody deserves a good chuckle every now and then.Check out these funny videos that will be coming to you daily. It is difficult to hound these funny videos so you can… Read More